Read and translate the text.
Historical information about Verkhoturye.
Verkhoturye is the oldest city in Sverdlovsk oblast with many of historical buildings and memorials in it, the patriarch among the Ural cities. It was found in 1598 by the Tsar Feodor Ioannovilch's order. The Verkhoyurye city was built at the end of the straight land way from upper Kama river reachers to Siberia, on the place of aborigine village on Tura river and got a semi-official title «the gates to Siberia». Verkhoturye became the first Ural capital because of its' strategic localization on the cross of trade ways.
Today Verkhoturye is one of the most significanl religious centers in Russia. Monasteries and cathedrals are being restored, they are opened for the people again. Verkhoturye is a real museum with unique ancient buildings. The appearance of the city is mainly formed by the architectural group: The Verkhoturye Kremlin with the Trinity Cathedral, The Nikolaevsky Monastery, the   Krestovozdvizhensky Cathedral, The Pokrovsky Monastery.
Localization:   Verkhoturye is 306 km northward from Yekaterinburg Transport communication: by automobile, by bus (from Yekaterinburg northern bus station), by railroad. Population: 8900 people.
Answer the questions:
1.      What do you know about the town Verkhoturye?
2.      Why was it named by Verkhoturye?
3.      Who and why built this town?
4.      When do we celebrate the birth of the town?
5.      What was painted at the governor s coat-of-arms?
6.      What means a silver bear in the red field, a Gospel in a gold setting, a silver cross above it?
7.      What do you know about a nobleman Simeon the Holy?
8.      When were St. Nickolas Monastery and the Protection Nunnery built?

Open the brackets and put the verb in the right form.
Artemy Babinov (become) a pioneer and builder of a new road. The Babinov Road (connect) Solikamsk with the upper reaches of the river Tura. As a result, the distance between Moscow and Siberia (be) cut down by 1000 versts.
The construction of Verkhoturye (begin) in spring 1598 by the Tsar’s edict. The fortress (be) erected by people hired from Cherdyn, the streltsy from a small town Lozva and war prisoners taken under the fall of the Kazan Khanate. Already in August 1598 a messenger (arrive) in Moscow with a «draught» for the Verkhoturye wooden kremlin and ostrog (stockade). The first fortress or wooden Kremlin (be) felled on the sheer stone bank of the Tura-river.

 Translate these words from English into Russian and tell  2-3 sentences about any monument .
1.      The Trinity Church
2.      St. Michael Archangel Church  
3.      Nicol church of the Svyato-Nikolayevskeyeo monastery         
4.      Transfiguration Church                                                                                                                                                           
5.      Simeon –Ann’s above gates church of the Saint-Nikola’s monastery
6.      House for dignitaries
7.      Krestovozdvizhenskiy cathedral of the   Svyato-Nikolayevskeyeo monastery
8.      The Protection Nunnery 
1.      The church of John the Baptist
2.      The Cathedral of Exaltation of the Holy Cross    
3.      The church of Risen.
4.      The Church of the Cover of Saint Virgin Mary 

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